Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes are the most well-known and flexible level of organic dyes for introducing color on cellulosic fibers;The fame of reactive dyes with textile processors is due to its flexibility in application by different printing methods by direct printing, discharge printing and resist printing & very currently inkjet printing.

Salient Features of Reactive Dyes are below:-          

·         Brilliant shades
·         Application is Easy
·         Economy
·         generally good fastness properties

 Properties of Reactive Dyes:-
  • Reactive Dyes are cationic dyes, which are applied for dyeing cellulose, protein and polyamide fibers.
  • Reactive dyes are soluble in water.
  • Textile materials dyed with reactive dyes have very good wash fastness with rating about 4 - 5 due to strong covalent bonds formed between fiber polymer and reactive group of dye.
  • Dyeing method of reactive dyes is easy.
  • It needs less time and low temperature for dyeing.