Acid Dyes Manufacturer in India

Acid Dyes are used in fibers like wool, silk, nylon and customized acrylic fibers from natural to acid dyes baths. Red Sun Dye Chem is a manufacturer and exporter in India top acid dyes manufacturer in India. The product has been eased by the beginning of the opening in our unit having a capacity of 400liters/Hour. Acid dyes are needed for applied in acid such as silk, Mohair, Angora, Synthetics, and Some Nylons. If you are looking for Acid Dyes Manufacturer in India in that case you are at right situate. Acid Dyes are water solvent dyes colors that are associated with string such as fleece, silk, nylon and changed acrylic filaments from objective to corrosive color showers.

Some Unique Features of Acid Dyes:-            
  • Usage is safe
  • Largely Effective
  • Balanced
  • Composition is authentic