Synthetic Food Colors Exporter

Our Company is leading brand name in the market of giving synthetic food colors. And recognized by name of artificial food colors too, these type of food colors are developed as well as manufactured chemically & have in them large applicable value. Synthetic food colors exporter are largely applied in immense food verities. As that is very delicate area of industry that straightly affect the strength of the persons. That is extra worry for its quality. We are deal with as one of the pioneer manufacturer and exporter of synthetic food colours. Food Colours are applied universally while relic times.

Synthetic Food Colors Exporter
Different food items from sweets to sharbat contain food color so as to make them excellent. Synthetic Food Colors are prepare and manufactured in utility with the international food color level of quality.  Synthetic Food Colors are normally available in Water Soluble Food Colors, Lake Colors, and D & C Colors.


  • Cosmetic & Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical sectors
  • Other Industry Sectors
  • Applied for Coloring lubricants