Solvent Dyes

Solvent Dyes are used to fibers. Particular applied to polyester fibers. That is famous for high heat utilization. Because of this features it is largely applied to dye the solid appreciable. Acrylics and PVC are also that kind of material that is mostly applied for intensity with solvent dyes.  

Solvent Dyes are spraying finishing or leather type dyes. Our all types of dyes are high quality for huge apply in inks and layer industries. Solvent dyes are used as diffusion in water. Solvent dye is generally recognized as spray dye. That have high quality and hugely use in industries. 

Usage of Solvent Dyes:-
  •          Use for petrol and Fuel Oils
  •          Use for candles and Wax
  •          For Cosmetic Products
  •          Varnish, spirit and wood stain
  •          Use for inks for rotogravure printing