Acid Dyes

There are many types of dyes like acid dyes, Natural, Reactive, Solvent Dyes, Synthetic Food colors. Direct Dyes is basically applied in dying intent for rayon, linen and cotton. That can be precisely applied to the fabric without fixing. We are very well known manufacturer and exporter of different types of dyes. We offer finest quality of dyes to our precious customers. Generally, Acid dyes are manufacture for dyeing on silk, wool, nylon and fibers. Mainly the purpose of these dyes is dyeing clothes, dye colour for foods. These dyes are economical, glittering, and they are disabling. They are permitted as a “low-impact” dye.

  • Used in dyeing
  • Converted in acrylic fibers
  • Paper
  • Nylon
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Used on feathers