Reactive Dyes

Reactive Dyes are the most well-known and flexible level of organic dyes for introducing color on cellulosic fibers;The fame of reactive dyes with textile processors is due to its flexibility in application by different printing methods by direct printing, discharge printing and resist printing & very currently inkjet printing.

Salient Features of Reactive Dyes are below:-          

·         Brilliant shades
·         Application is Easy
·         Economy
·         generally good fastness properties

 Properties of Reactive Dyes:-
  • Reactive Dyes are cationic dyes, which are applied for dyeing cellulose, protein and polyamide fibers.
  • Reactive dyes are soluble in water.
  • Textile materials dyed with reactive dyes have very good wash fastness with rating about 4 - 5 due to strong covalent bonds formed between fiber polymer and reactive group of dye.
  • Dyeing method of reactive dyes is easy.
  • It needs less time and low temperature for dyeing.

Acid Dyes Manufacturer in India

Acid Dyes are used in fibers like wool, silk, nylon and customized acrylic fibers from natural to acid dyes baths. Red Sun Dye Chem is a manufacturer and exporter in India top acid dyes manufacturer in India. The product has been eased by the beginning of the opening in our unit having a capacity of 400liters/Hour. Acid dyes are needed for applied in acid such as silk, Mohair, Angora, Synthetics, and Some Nylons. If you are looking for Acid Dyes Manufacturer in India in that case you are at right situate. Acid Dyes are water solvent dyes colors that are associated with string such as fleece, silk, nylon and changed acrylic filaments from objective to corrosive color showers.

Some Unique Features of Acid Dyes:-            
  • Usage is safe
  • Largely Effective
  • Balanced
  • Composition is authentic

Synthetic Food Colors Exporter

Our Company is leading brand name in the market of giving synthetic food colors. And recognized by name of artificial food colors too, these type of food colors are developed as well as manufactured chemically & have in them large applicable value. Synthetic food colors exporter are largely applied in immense food verities. As that is very delicate area of industry that straightly affect the strength of the persons. That is extra worry for its quality. We are deal with as one of the pioneer manufacturer and exporter of synthetic food colours. Food Colours are applied universally while relic times.

Synthetic Food Colors Exporter
Different food items from sweets to sharbat contain food color so as to make them excellent. Synthetic Food Colors are prepare and manufactured in utility with the international food color level of quality.  Synthetic Food Colors are normally available in Water Soluble Food Colors, Lake Colors, and D & C Colors.


  • Cosmetic & Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical sectors
  • Other Industry Sectors
  • Applied for Coloring lubricants

Solvent Dyes

Solvent Dyes are used to fibers. Particular applied to polyester fibers. That is famous for high heat utilization. Because of this features it is largely applied to dye the solid appreciable. Acrylics and PVC are also that kind of material that is mostly applied for intensity with solvent dyes.  

Solvent Dyes are spraying finishing or leather type dyes. Our all types of dyes are high quality for huge apply in inks and layer industries. Solvent dyes are used as diffusion in water. Solvent dye is generally recognized as spray dye. That have high quality and hugely use in industries. 

Usage of Solvent Dyes:-
  •          Use for petrol and Fuel Oils
  •          Use for candles and Wax
  •          For Cosmetic Products
  •          Varnish, spirit and wood stain
  •          Use for inks for rotogravure printing

Acid Dyes

There are many types of dyes like acid dyes, Natural, Reactive, Solvent Dyes, Synthetic Food colors. Direct Dyes is basically applied in dying intent for rayon, linen and cotton. That can be precisely applied to the fabric without fixing. We are very well known manufacturer and exporter of different types of dyes. We offer finest quality of dyes to our precious customers. Generally, Acid dyes are manufacture for dyeing on silk, wool, nylon and fibers. Mainly the purpose of these dyes is dyeing clothes, dye colour for foods. These dyes are economical, glittering, and they are disabling. They are permitted as a “low-impact” dye.

  • Used in dyeing
  • Converted in acrylic fibers
  • Paper
  • Nylon
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Used on feathers